Bohrcafé Export

A Coffee With History

We choose the best harvests, those of large and even beans in which the cherry wraps a sweet fruit to be roasted, ground and packaged at the moment of sale. In this way, we guarantee the freshness of our coffee, and honor the meticulous work and love that has been put into it from the very moment of its sowing.


  • Varieties: Castillo, Caturra, Tabi, Cenicafé 1, Pacamara, Típico.
  • Cup rating is an average of 84 points and above.


  • Installed production capacity in current threshing machine:
    1,000 bags per month of 70 kg.
  • Harvesting seasons:
    2 Main: Sept-Oct-Oct-Nov-Dec Traverse: Apr-May.
  • Production volume in the area:
    400 loads of parchment coffee load = 125 kg parchment coffee, equivalent to 425 bags of green 70 kg almond coffee.


  • FOB, EXW.
  • Air shipme


  • Minimum order 1-10 bags of coffee in presentations of 70, 35, 25 kg.
100% Santanderean Coffee with Denomination of Origin Santander and Colombia.
A cup characterized by its good character and medium acidity.

The chocolate shades sweeten its intense flavor.

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