Our Coffee

Our Coffee

The most selected beans from our roaster to your home

From the coffee harvested in SANTANDER, the best one is raked, picked and selected for export to the most demanding countries in the world.

From this product selected for export, BOHRCAFE picks the best quality i.e. Supremo Especial and Excelso Especial, Consumo Especial, Consumo Empresarial, Organico Especial, Descafeinado Especial.

Remember that we have all accessories to help you have a unique experience. ¡Discover them!

  • Consumo Empresarial

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  • Consumo Especial

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  • Descafeinado Especial: Less Caffeine

    from: $17,500.00
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  • Excelso Especial: Stronger

    from: $16,500.00
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  • Orgánico Especial +Natural

    from: $26,500.00
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  • Supremo Especial: Softer

    from: $19,000.00
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BOHRCAFÉ utilizes various packaging and presentations depending on the customers’ needs; bags of 50, 80 or 100, 250, 500, 1000 grams and 5 pounds (2500 grams).

BOHRCAFÉ comes in foil bags with a degassing valve to keep the coffee fresh much longer. Material / Structure of the bags: PET / FOIL AL / PEBD.

Roasting Grade

BOHRCAFÉ has several degrees of roasting, BOHRCAFE standard is a MEDIUM roast- This process is very personalized depending on the customer, and we can deliver light, medium, medium-dark, dark, espresso or French roasting.


BOHRCAFÉ undergoes various types of grinding; the BOHRCAFÉ standard is MEDIUM grind. This process is very personalized, depending on the customer we can deliver: Turkish, espresso, fine, medium or coarse grind)

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